Interview by Abernathy Cochran intern and Gainesville High School Work-Based Learning student Grady Vardeman
Meet Nate Miller! Nate is the owner of Hobbs Sporting Goods on Thompson Bridge Road in Gainesville and an active member of our local sports community. He and his wife Chase have two children Ellis (3) and daughter Reece (6).
Nate moved to Gainesville 15 years ago and grew up in Dublin.
Many people don’t know Nate is a NASCAR fan and hopes to visit as many tracks as possible.
We want to thank Nate for spending time with us and sharing his love of Hall County!
Question: What inspired you or led you to your current career?
Answer: “I’ve always had an interest in athletics, I thought about the whole teaching and coaching career and shied away from that. Sporting goods was a way to stay involved in high school and athletics in general.”
Q: What is your favorite thing about Hobbs?
A: “To be able to interact in the community, watching the younger athletes when they start out in rec ball through their high school career, sometimes even college. Is something I enjoy and glad I get to do it every day.”
Q: What is your favorite restaurant in Hall County, and what do you love there?
A: “Longstreet, Tim has great food and the even better staff there. It’s a great small town, welcoming place to eat.”
Q: How long have you lived or worked in Hall County?
A: “I moved her in 2005, so about 15 years now coming up.”
Q: If you could travel anywhere in the world right now, where would it be? And why?
A: “I’m not much of a traveler, but I do enjoy a good beach trip or day trip to the mountains. So anywhere on the Gulf Coast is hard to beat.”
Q: What is your favorite movie?
A: “’Smokey and the Bandit.’”
Q: What advice would you give a crowd of people.
A: “In this day and age, just be kind to one another and relax.”
Q: What is something on your bucket list?
A: “I’m a Nascar enthusiast, so to see as many tracks as I can, would be on my bucket list. The ones I’ve seen so far are; Atlanta, Talladega, Daytona, and Bristol. One day I would hope to do a road trip and knock out as many as I can.”