Meet Julia Still! Julia is the co-owner of new Gainesville restaurant Harvest Kitchen. She owns the restaurant with Chef Myles Willman, who she met while they both were serving as missionaries in Spain. Harvest is a tapas (small plates) restaurant and they also have daily specials, salads, desserts, wine and craft beer. The chefs at Harvest also can cater any upcoming event.
“…the word ‘HARVEST’ kept coming to the surface, it’s a concept of abundance, an overflow, the welcoming presence and harvest feels like a family to me, gathering and making bread together. So we call the restaurant Harvest Kitchen,” Julia said.
We want to thank Julia for spending time with us recently and telling us more about her life and love of Hall County.

Question: Please tell us a little bit about yourself.
Answer: “I moved here to run the kitchen of Adventures in Missions and that was my very first experience with cooking. I was born and raised in Maryland and then I was in Missouri until I was 18, went to college in Arkanasas and traveled the world for three years as a missionary and then moved here to Gainesville.”

Q: Tell me about the history of Harvest Kitchen.
A: “It’s been very interesting’ is the word I always used. My business partner, Myles Willman, he’s been a chef for over 20 years all over Florida and Georgia. He’s a missionary as well and we both came here through Adventures in Missions three years ago. He was running the kitchen over the Midland Station Coffee Company on the square and helped them start their catering operation. At that point, I had started catering on the side for friends and family so it was like running a kitchen of Adventures in Missions. We’d known each other for about three years but we actually met in Spain (as what you can see on all of the pictures on the wall). We both moved here at the same time separately, we both started catering individually. We have a conversation one day and we started looking for a place to be able to have our kitchen so we found this place on Nov. 19.”

Q: What is your favorite restaurant in Hall County and what do you love there? Or you can pick your favorite dish.
A: “To be totally honest as a restaurateur I don’t eat out. As for favorite dish, I think I would actually say Eat at Thai, it’s so good.” 

Q: What is your favorite thing to eat at Harvest?
A: “What I order is always whatever salad that the chef made that day, they’re so good.”

Q: What is your favorite thing or something unique about Hall County?
A: “It feels like home. It’s big enough to have everything I need, I don’t have to leave but I still feel like it’s a small town. I have the lake, 30 minutes from the mountain, there’s trees everywhere and it genuinely feels like a good place to live in.”

Q: Who is the most interesting person you’ve met here in Hall County?
A: “So many people popped on my head but I honestly think of Connie Rock, she owns Purchase Effect and worked for Adventures in Missions; she is the most intriguing human to me, she’s so cool, she’s so pretty, she makes everything look effortless. I just love her.”

Q: If you could travel anywhere in the world right now, where would it be and why?
A: “It might be because I’m sitting here looking at these pictures so it would be Mijas, Spain, it’s like my second home. Also on my list is Norway because I’ve never been there.”

Q: What advice would you give to a crowd of people?
A: “I want everyone in the world to feel that they’re born to be loved, that’s kind of my luck. Everyone has their different theologies and ways of approaching God or not approaching God if you don’t believe in Him but for me the message and I genuinely believed that I was born just to be loved by God. It doesn’t need me to worship Him, He doesn’t need anything from me but He just want to love.”

Q: Where do you see yourself in five to 10 years?
A: “I see myself here in Gainesville and I see Harvest being bigger which is terrifying to say.”

601 Enota Dr. Suite O
Gainesville, GA 30501