During the current health crisis local Hall County restaurant owners and employees need our support to keep their small businesses going.
Paul Anthony, a local chef and territory manager at US Foods, said he has been supporting local restaurants every night this week.
“Now is the time more than ever to support local businesses, especially restaurants,” he said.
We wanted to help support our local eateries, below are what some local restaurants are doing to continue to serve us all during this time:

  • Amanda’s Farm to Fork: Curbside and to go ordering. 770-540-1035.
  • At The Track’s: Curbside, delivery and to go ordering. 678-649-8248.
  • Napoli’s: Curbside and to go ordering. 770-691-7075
  • Lula Grocery: Curbside and to go ordering. 770-869-7162
  • Bluefin: Curbside service and home delivering service. The menu is located online at Bluefingainesville.com
  • El Sombrero: Order online, curbside pickups or get it delivered with Chow Now or Door Dash. 770-533-9333.
  • Inn Between: Curbside and Door Dash. 770-533-9333.
  • Mellow Mushroom: Pick up, or curbside. Call the restaurant and let them know of your arrival and your Pick Up order will be delivered to you in your car! Order online as well order.mellowmushroom.com. 
  • Sliced: To-go/take out orders and will bring out to your car by request. Any other request will be considered. 678-971-5080.
  • Hops: Offering premade meals. Call in advance. 770-654-8022.
  • Little Italy, Oakwood: Delivery. 678-971-5295.
  • Johnny’s BBQ: Drive thru and delivery. 770-536-2100.
  • Neat Eats: Stay away from crowds and use the drive up service at Neat Eats. 678-267-5315.
  • Senor Fiesta: Curbside service when you order online or over the phone. 770-534-1122.
  • Southern Baked Pie: Pre-Order Online & Pick-Up In Store, Delivery via UberEats, Postmates, GrubHub, or DoorDash (locations may vary), Curbside Pick-Up: Pre-Order Online & Call when you arrive so they can bring your order straight to your car! Ship pies straight to your door by ordering online! Click the link below to start your order: https://www.southernbakedpie.com/pages/online-ordering
  • 2 Dog: Order take out, park in front above the wall and they will bring it to you, order and have it delivered for a tiny fee of $3 in town. Also offering a family dinner menu. Find the menu here: https://bit.ly/2vCBzCC. 770- 287-8384.
  • Locos: Delivery: 770.534.5771. Utilize the UBER Eats app.
    Curbside Pick Up: Call the restaurant 770.534.5771 to place your pick-up, then call again from the curb and they will bring it to your car.
  • El Maguey: dine in, pick up, curbside and delivery through UberEats, DoorDash and Grubhub. 770-531-1059
  • Antebellum: Parking lot pickup. Check the Antebellum Facebook page for the daily menu. 770-965-8100.
  • Moonie’s: Curbside pickup, call in your order and then call when you have arrived. Deliveries. Moonie’s also is working on some “prepackaged meal” options so be looking for that. 678-828-8366.
  • Fish Tales: Now Offering Curbside/Dockside Pick Up for To Gos!! Staff will bring your order out to your car in the parking lot or your boat located at the courtesy docks. Online menu: https://www.fishtaleslakelanier.com/Menu. 770-967-3775
  • Pig Tales: Now Offering Curbside/Dockside Pick Up for To Gos!! Staff will bring your order out to your car in the parking lot or your boat located at the courtesy docks. Online menu: https://www.pigtaleslakelanier.com/Menu. 678-828-7676
  • El Carreton: Take out and online ordering: elcarretongainesville.com
  • Gainesville Seafood Market: Open 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. Monday through Saturday. Order online: www.gainesvilleseafoodmarket.com or 678-595-9160.
  • Easy B’s: Pick-up and delivery service. www.easybkitchen.com. 404-376-1879.
    If you have any tips on what other restaurants are doing during the response to COVID-19, please leave the information in the Facebook comments