Interview by Abernathy Cochran intern and Gainesville High School senior Donangelo Marshall

Meet Christian Charles! Christian is the quarterback for the Chestatee War Eagles. Christian has had several offers to play college football and hasn’t made a final decision where he will play at the next level.
He said his favorite thing about Chestatee is the environment at the school and his close friends.

Question: What is your favorite thing about Chestatee High School?
Answer: “My favorite thing about Chestatee is really the environment and the people I have around me. I have a great staff and go to school with my best friends for life. I never feel negative about the people I go to school with and like everyone there.”

Q: Why do you love the sport you do?
A: “Football has opened so many opportunities for me that I never thought were ever obtainable. Obviously, I try to do my best in school, but football has done things I can’t explain. It opened doors for me to make connections with people that I would have never met if I didn’t play football and I’m forever grateful for that.”

Q: What’s your favorite restaurant in Hall County?
A: “Atlas on the square for sure. I like their Meat Lovers Pizza and their Calzones are great.”

Q: Who’s your favorite Teacher or Coach and why?
A: “My favorite Coach is my head football Coach Shaun Conley. He’s been a father figure in my life that is irreplaceable; he’s done things for me that I could never explain. My gratitude for him is forever and I really love that man– he’s done a lot for me.”

Q: Why do you love Hall County?
A: “The people and environment here, you can’t beat it. There’s always something very exciting going on in Hall County and never a dull moment where we live.”

Q: What is one lesson you have learned from your sport?
A: “To have faith. There’s many different ways to define faith, but the way we define it and the way I have learned to live through faith is by doing something and working towards something without knowing the outcome. With football, you work every summer, every single day, and nothing’s guaranteed. Not a win is guaranteed not anything is guaranteed, so it’s really taught me faith.”