Interview by Abernathy Cochran intern and Gainesville High senior Donangelo Marshall

Meet Thea DuBose! Thea is the owner of Naturally Posh Photography, is married to David and the mother of two.
Thea said she has been taking photos since high school and turned her dream of owning a photography studio into a reality about 10 years ago.
We want to thank Thea for spending time with us recently and telling us more about her life and love of Hall County.

Question: What inspired you or led you to your current career?
Answer: “In high school, I always had a camera, I was always the one taking pictures and I think it’s very important because it’s all what we have left after the days are gone…this is it! Especially with newborns and kids you can’t get this time back so it’s important. I worked for commercial construction company and when the economy took a turn in 2008, it just kind of forced me to do something…so I did! God blesses us this much, we’ve been very lucky.”

Q: What is your favorite restaurants in Hall County and what do you love there?
A: “The Collegiate next door and I love their burgers.”

Q: How long have you lived or worked in our community?
A: “My whole life. I did photography classes at Gainesville College but my degree is in criminal justice.”

Q: If you could travel anywhere in the world right now, where would it be and why?
A: “To the beach far far away to escape all of the craziness going on. I wanted to go to Bora Bora and stay in a hut on the water.”

Q: What your favorite movie or the first movie you remember seeing in a theater?
A: “‘The Little Mermaid’ was the first movie I remember seeing at the Lakeshore Mall Theater.”

Q: What advice would you give to a crowd of people?
A: “‘Just be nice, don’t be mean.’ That is one thing that is missing right now from the society.”

Q: What is something on your bucket list?
A: “I think going to Paris since I would like to see the Eiffel Tower, we do like to travel and that’s one place we haven’t done, so that would be fun.”

Q: Have you done travel photography?
A: “Yeah. We went down to Jekyll Island on Driftwood Beach they were really pretty and did dome family pictures.”

Q: What is favorite music or three bands that you would like to see (dead or alive)?
A: “Zac Brown, Jimmy Buffet and Luke Combs. I love country, 90s music or 90s rock from when I was in high school. But know what, if you look up my currently most played songs it’s KIDZ BOP and Baby Shark because that’s what we used to get kids to smile.”

Q: What current or former local business makes you the most nostalgic about our community?
A: “I think anything on the Square seems like home.”

Q: What is your favorite thing or something unique about our community?
A: “The fact that the Olympics were here and you could still drive over Clarks Bridge and see all of that, I think that’s cool for the kids because it was 1996 when that was here and I was in high school. And then something unique about Hall County is that movies are filmed here all the time and famous people are here.”

Q: If you could choose anyone that is alive today and not a relative; with whom would you love to have lunch? Why? And where locally would y’all meet for this lunch?
A: “I would take Adam Sandler, my boyfriend, ha-ha, I love him. My studio was on top of Thompson Bridge when they were shooting a movie right behind on Green Street Circle, so a friend of mine and I kind of just followed Adam and I was an extra in the movie and I got a picture with him! I would take him to The Collegiate or Inn-Between because that was kinda nostalgic of Hall County.”

Q: Where do you see yourself in five to 10 years?
A: “Still sitting right here, taking pictures of kids, babies and families.”

Q: Even (friends and family), what is something that most people dont know about you?
A: “I am fairly an open book so everybody knows everything. Honestly, I don’t know but I like to lay in bed and watch Netflix , I don’t think most people know that.”

Q: What three words or phrases that comes to mind when you hear the word HOME?
A: “My kids, my husband and just my Family.”

Q: If you have a full-time staff member that is fully paid for, who would you choose? Chef, housekeeper, driver, coach, personal fitness trainer or nanny?
A: “I think I would choose a personal fitness trainer because my husband does all the cooking so we’re good there, but my whole family could benefit with a trainer.”

Q: What was the most fun photo shoot you have ever done?
A: “Our daughter’s senior pictures in Las Vegas for sure. We went to the Grand Canyon, Red Rock Canyon, downtown Vegas; they were really cool.”