Interview by Abernathy Cochran intern and Gainesville High School senior Donangelo Marshall

Meet Mary Michael Callahan! She is a senior volleyball player at Lakeview Academy and will be attending Mercer University next year to play beach volleyball. Her parents are Jeannine and Michael Callahan, and she has three older sisters. Mary Michael has been first-team all-region and team captain for the past two years.

We want to thank Mary Michael for spending time with us recently and telling us more about her life and love of Hall County.

Q: What is your favorite thing about Lakeview Academy?
A: “Probably the family aspect of it, part of our motto is that we are family, and because of the size of the school, it’s easy to do. Everybody is also really supportive whenever you do something.”

Q: Why do you love the sport you do?
A: “I love the teamwork that goes into the sport, and I love the competitiveness. Another thing that is important to me is growing as a team and being a family when you’re on the court, despite everything that happens outside of the court. The unpredictability of it also keeps me interested because every point brings something new.”

Q: What’s your favorite restaurant in Hall County?
A: “Longstreet. I like a bacon egg and cheese biscuit in the morning time, and at night time I like Mac and Cheese. I always get a Sprite to go with it. I go to Longstreet for every birthday and the first day of school breakfast.”

Q: Who’s your favorite Teacher or Coach, and why?
A: “Kaylee Crumley, she coaches at Chestatee. She not only helped my game physically but helped it mentally. I used to get really down on myself after bad things happened, and she helped me grow mentally stronger so I could just move it.”

Q: Why do you love Hall County?
A: “I like the diversity and the lake. I like the lake because it’s a fun place to be on a hot summer day. I also love the location of Hall County, it’s not tiny, but it’s not at large as Atlanta. We are close to a lot of different places. The community here is amazing, it’s very close-knit, and everyone feels like family.”

Q: What is one lesson you have learned from your sport?
A: “To move on and move past anything bad that happens. You have to be mentally strong and not get too down on yourself. Don’t look back and keep moving forward.”

Q: What is your advice to younger athletes doing your sport?
A: “Be open to trying new positions. I played every position for at least one season and that’s what lead me to being successful in beach volleyball.”