Meet Max Pethel! Max is a senior at Lakeview Academy and plans to attend Georgia Tech in the fall. His parent are Tim and Paige Pethel. We want to congratulate Max and his family on his upcoming graduation and best wishes in the future.

Question: Please tell us a little bit about your family.
Answer: “My parents are Tim and Paige Pethel. My siblings attend/attended Georgia Tech.”

Q: What are your plans after graduation?
A: “I will be majoring in Computer Science at Georgia Tech.”

Q: What are two of your favorite restaurants in our community?
A: “I love Recess on the Square and SeƱor Fiesta by Kroger.”

Q: If you could travel anywhere in the world right now, where would it be and why?
A: “I would travel back to Puno, Peru because the stars and sunrise over Lake Titicaca are breathtaking.”

Q: What is one of your favorite movies? TV shows?
A: “My favorite movie is ‘Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith,’ and my favorite TV shows are ‘The Clone Wars,’
‘Game of Thrones,’ and ‘Stranger Things.'”

Q: If you were asked to give advice to your senior class and the younger students at your school, what
would you say?
A: “To my senior class, keep up the hard work, fun, and success. To younger students, Lakeview can be a
rigorous learning environment, but you can always reach out to the teachers. You will find success.”

Q: If you were able to be cast as yourself into a television show or series, what show would you want
to be in?
A: “‘The Mandalorian.'”

Q: If you could choose anyone to have lunch with, who would you choose? Why? And where, locally,
would you meet for this lunch?
A: “There are many celebrities like Drew Brees, George Lucas, and Bill Gates, who I would love to meet,
but I would learn the most from my great grandfather. I have heard about his amazing experiences and
achievements from my mom and grandfather.”

Q: What is your favorite thing about our community?
A: “I love the closeness of Hall County. It is always fun to meet friends and even make new ones when I
am out running.”

Q: Where do you see yourself in 5 to 10 years?
A: “I plan on continuing my career in Computer Science and other STEM fields. I am very interested in
coding and robotics, so maybe I could find a place in the development of a Mars rover!”

Q: What is something on your bucket list?
A: “I want to visit every country in the world.”

Q: What is your go to band / singer when you cant decide what to listen to?
A: “I tend to just press shuffle on my classic rock playlist, but my favorite bands are Green Day, Pink
Floyd, and Red Hot Chili Peppers.”

Q: Favorite month? favorite holiday? and best single day on the calendar?
A: “I like February for its cold weather and soccer season. However, my favorite single day is Christmas
Eve because the day finishes with candlelight and classic movies.”

Q: What would you rate a 10 out of 10?
A: “My robotics team is at least 11/10. Building robots each Wednesday with my friends is something I
will always remember.”

Q: What is something you want to do as soon as the pandemic is over?
A: “Once things settle, I want to spend a day with my friends at an escape room, the movies, or maybe a
robotics competition. They have meant so much to me throughout school even though some have come
or gone, and nothing would be better than getting to see them again especially during this time.”

Q: Who inspires you to be better?
A: “My family and teachers encourage me to pursue what I love. I am inspired by people who find
creative solutions to the problems they face and people who do whatever it takes to make their dreams
come true.”