Since we began the Faces of Hall County project, we have had the chance to interview over 400 of Hall County residents. In 2019, we again were honored to interview even more locals that own businesses, are students, teachers, firemen, coaches, pastors, police officers and many more!

We have pulled together the top Faces of Hall County posts of 2019 and we invite you to scroll through and take a minute to read more about your neighbors interests, dreams and love of the Hall County community!

In 2020, please feel free to contact us if you have a nomination for our community project. Please email: with your nominations.

Jimmy Ellis and Andrew Elliott











Michael and Tyler Perry










Trey McPhaul









Luke Latimer








Suzanne Smith








Dr. Ken Dixon








Noemi Garcia










Lieutenant Kelley Edwards










Stacy King










Chief Jay Parrish










Savannah Bailey